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recs, icons, fanmixes from tacitus_3

Recs, Icons, and Fanmixes


I will make rec posts no more than twice a week, so do not worry about your flist being bombarded by me.

Disclaimer: All these recs are my personal opinion. I love when people rec me fics (or link to their own lists) so please do so, but do not insist that I put so-and-so onto the rec list.

Right now all the recs are of fic. I will (hopefully) be reccing art and vids too.

Note: The majority of my recs right now are Panic at the Disco.

Original: Delicious | LJ
Other Fandoms: Delicious | LJ
Big Wolf on Campus: Delicious | LJ
Death Note: Delicious | LJ
Good Omens: Delicious | LJ
Harry Potter: Delicious | LJ
Honeydew Syndrome: Delicious | LJ
Little Miss Sunshine: Delicious | LJ
Merlin (bbc): Delicious | LJ
Merlin RPF: Delicious | LJ
Panic! at the Disco: Delicious | LJ
The Like: Delicious | LJ
The Mortal Instruments: Delicious | LJ


The truth: I suck at graphics. My icons are simply cropped and resized pictures. All are stock (and sometimes text) icons.

And I post them in batches of fifty-ish, so it'll be a month or more between icon posts.

Crediting tacitus_3 or umbrellashade is nice. You may use the icons as bases and/or change them.

All posts can be found in the memories. Leave requests here.


I tend to use different kind of rock songs.

Songs are in .mp3 format and uploaded as a zip file to megaupload. If the file is no longer available let me know and I'll upload it again.

The Master List is in the memories. You can leave requests (fandom or not) here.


The banner was a (lovely) gift from i_lovetherain.

Tags are used extensively here. Hopefully they will be of use to you!

If you are a rec, icon, or fanmix community/journal and want to affiliate, PM tacitus_3 or leave a comment somewhere. ♥

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